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WonderFil’s thinnest thread line, InvisaFil, is a 100wt 2-ply cottonized polyester. Ultra-fine but surprisingly strong, InvisaFil has negligible stretch while feeling soft. Super low bulk stitching virtually disappears, making it the first choice for English paper piecing, delicate lace designs, fine fabrics, creating texture with micro quilting, or wherever you don’t want the stitching to show. Available in 60 solid colours with a matte finish.



Your first choice when you need a thread to literally disappear! This extremely fine but surprisingly strong thread is incredibly versatile, and our perfect solution to traditional monofilament threads. Quilting with InvisaFil™ shows only the beautiful textures without the thread.
We can’t say enough about the versatility and ease InvisaFil™ brings to all your custom quilting, regardless of machine. This silk-like 100 weight cottonized polyester melts into the fabric, leaving a beautiful effect when doing dense quilting without the thick build up of shiny thread paths that other threads leave. It virtually “disappears”. Use it for all your dense background fills, patterns that require overstitching to create low bulk stitches, and all your stitch in the ditch projects. Your appliqué will pop when used for outlining to enhance the quilt top design. This thread does not compete with the piecing pattern, but instead, allows it to shine.

InvisaFil™ is also great for hand piecing and hand appliqué. Its super fine weight reduces bulk in the seam and vanishes when used in needle turn appliqué.



Material: 2-ply Cottonized Polyester

Weight: 100wt

Sizes: 9144m (10000yd)

Colours: 60 Solid Colours 

Usages: Stitch in the ditch, top and bottom thread, bottom thread for delicate machine embroidery, hand and machine appliqué, free motion quilting, stippling, English paper piecing.