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Media & Resources

WonderFil Specialty Threads provides hints and tips charts for our thread lines so you can have the knowledge to make the best use of our products during every project. We provide valuable information on the thread itself, as well as its uses, recommended needle sizes and bobbin threads, and applications. WonderFil also offers colour charts for every thread line so you can plan the perfect colours for your next project.

MEDIA & Resources

Colour Charts

View the full range of colours available for each thread line in these digital colour charts. Pick out the perfect colour for your next project
or use them to organize your own thread collection. All colour charts are sized to 8.5” x 11” making them easy to print at home.

Hints & Tips Charts

Every thread line is unique, so find out what we recommend for needle sizes, applications, what to put in the bobbin, and our thread experts’ sewing tips on machine settings and best practices. All hints and tips charts are sized to 8.5” x 11” making them easy to print at home.

Downloadable RESOURCES


Every WonderFil® threadline including thread information & tips.


Threadlines available in longarm cones including information & tips.


A chart with longarm thread best uses & sewing tips.


A guide to bobbin sizes for your specific machine.


A chart showing what techniques can be used for each thread.


A helpful guide for basic hand embroidery, including pictures.

Downloadable Media

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The WonderFil® brand logo is available for use by other companies and brands for any marketing involving WonderFil Specialty Threads™. By downloading any of these logos, you agree to the following terms and conditions.

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The WonderFil® brand logo should not be modified in any way except by rescaling the entire logo at an even ratio. Changing the colour, stretching of the logo’s shape either horizontally or vertically, rescaling individual parts of the logo, and adding other elements to the logo are prohibited.

Keep all parts of the logo

WonderFil® is a registered trademark, and as a result should always have the ® symbol beside the name. By using any of these logos, you agree to not remove the registered trademark symbol from the logo design.

Use the logo clearly

 We request that wherever the WonderFil® logo is used that it shows clearly. Meaning it should not be too small to be legible or placed on a background where it disappears into it. We have provided two styles of the logo in three versions to avoid this: full colour, black, and white.

Free Images

Want to use WonderFil® in your next marketing campaign? We’re sharing our archive of gorgeous thread images to help! These images can be cropped, clipping masked, or have boxes, text, or other elements added to it. Please use them freely to promote your own marketing campaigns involving WonderFil® threads. For the full list of photos, click the button below.


Title: Thread Candy
Resolution 1: (Web)
Resolution 2: (Print)


Title: Thread Mandala
Resolution 1: (Web)
Resolution 2: (Print)


Title: Spool Rainbow
Resolution 1: (Web)
Resolution 2: (Print)