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2915 19 St NE
Calgary, AB, T2E 7A2


Become a WonderFil Vendor

WonderFil Specialty Threads offers the largest selection for quilting, machine, and hand work threads in rayon, cotton, polyester and metallic materials. Impress your customers by offering the quality and variety of WonderFil threads.

Become A WonderFil Vendor

WonderFil™ Specialty Threads is an industry leader in the ongoing development of specialty thread for sewing professionals and hobbyists . Our mission is to offer products that enhance both quality and appearance of stitching results, as well as expanding embellishment possibilities with a diversity of thread weights, textures, finishes and materials. Through over 100 shows and events we participate in annually, the company keeps abreast of new market trends and educates both our dealers and the end users. Today, WonderFil™ offers 34 different specialty thread lines ranging from 100wt to 3wt in cotton, rayon, polyester, wool and metallic.

If you are interested in creating a wholesale account with WonderFil™ please email an inquiry to, call toll free
1-800-250-8101 or complete the following form below. 

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