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Sue Daley Packs




A new collection of thread packs and WonderFil® products is now available in collaboration with Sue Daley, international teacher and designer from Australia. Her packs include sets of 6 or 10 mini spools of DecoBob™ 80wt cottonized polyester thread, as well as a Sue Daley branded Bobbinator™ device. Perfect for hand stitching, appliqué, and English paper piecing, these packs make it easy and convenient to get started on your next project.


Cute and compact. No more thread tangles. The separate little compartment for the thread you are using is brilliant and the DecoBob thread is fine yet strong and it blends into the fabric beautifully and that’s why I recommend it for all of your English Paper piecing and needleturn appliqué needs.

- Sue Daley


Sue Daley BOBBINATOR™ Pack

1 Bobbinator™ device, 10 size Class 15 bobbins 123m (135yd) per bobbin

How to Use:

  1. Remove the cap from the end with the thread slit and drop your bobbin into the compartment.

  2. Run the bobbin thread through the slit and screw the cap back on.

  3. Place the Bobbinator™ on your machine’s horizontal or vertical spool pin and thread your machine like normal, including another bobbin in your machine’s bobbin compartment.


Sue Daley DecoBob™ Pack

DecoBob™ 80wt cottonized polyester • 6 spools - 250m (273yd)

The perfect thread for all of your English Paper Piecing and needleturn appliqué needs. It is strong and will withstand the constant dragging over the card when English Paper Piecing. It is also fine, allowing your stitches to disappear into your work so they become invisible. It works perfectly with the Sue Daley milliners needles.

Sue Daley_Brights.png


Sue Daley_6spool_neutral.png



Sue Daley Favourites Pack

DecoBob™ 80wt cottonized polyester • 10 spools - 250m (273yd)

Sue Daley_Favorites.png