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6 Reasons to Love DecoBob Pre-wound Bobbins

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6 Reasons to Love DecoBob Pre-wound Bobbins

Calista Ngai

There are a lot of reasons to love WonderFil Specialty Threads pre-wound DecoBob bobbins. Here's a list of our top six reasons to keep these wonderful little bobbins in your sewing room:

1. They come wound with a higher density of thread than if you wind your own bobbin on a machine.

2. When winding your own bobbin you will often notice the thread filling a clump at one end before moving to the other end. DecoBob pre-wounds are wound completely evenly at the factory, which results in your stitches becoming a lot more consistent when sewing and quilting.

3. Unlike threads by many other manufacturers, DecoBob pre-wounds are not sprayed with any glue, which leaves a residue on the thread that can eventually cause build up in your machines and reduce stitch consistency. Using DecoBob in your machine will keep it happy!

4. The thread is wound in a reusable plastic bobbin, so you can always refill them again and again if you ever need to.

5. Because DecoBob is a super thin 80wt thread, it will reduce the bulk in all of your seams and allow them to lay crisp and flat. It is recommend to use DecoBob in the bobbin for all WonderFil thread lines because of this.

6. DecoBob pre-wound bobbins are available in 36 different colors, meaning you can find the perfect match to any project! Because DecoBob is a cottonized polyester thread, its matte finish will also help it blend into your fabric so that the bobbin thread shows less. 

With love and threads,


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