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Our Teacher of the Month: Peggy Kwan

Calista Ngai

By Peggy Kwan  Using WonderFil's PolyFast

By Peggy Kwan
Using WonderFil's PolyFast


Peggy Kwan

Peggy Kwan was a registered nurse with a very busy Toronto hospital Emergency/Trauma Centre for over 26 years  before her retirement. The craft of quilting was her form of relaxation after a hard days work.
Peggy has been a speaker and instructor at shows, quilt shop and quilting guilds across Ontario for many years. She has won numerous awards and her work has been exhibited in many places, including a commission piece displayed at St. Joseph’s Long Term Care & Rehabilitation Centre. She is a members of Markham Guild of Village Crafts and Markham Town Quilters Guild.


Q: You had a career as an RN. How did you end up as a quilt instructor?

A:  I worked in the first major trauma center in Canada, Sunnybrook in Toronto. As you can imagine, your adrenaline is high every day, and there is a high burnout rate at this type of job. I had a friend suggest that I take up quilting as a way to relax. It was a life saver for me. I was at the trauma center for 26 years. I never would have lasted that long without my quilting! When I retired, I just moved on to teach my form of quilting.

Q: You do a lot of thread painting and hand work. Do you have a favorite technique?
A:  I am not really someone who likes to do a lot of piecing. I love to do appliqué and handwork. I find that I always feel challenged, which I enjoy.

Q: You have a unique technique when you teach...
A:  I do my construction differently. I compose pieces block by block, with all three layers at a time. I see fibres differently. At first the students didn't know how to take it, but now I have a following of people doing my technique. Because it is different and not for everyone, I always invite a new student to come and take their first class for free. Then if it is not for them, they have no commitment. My classes are growing!

Q: What is your favorite WonderFil Thread?
A:   I use PolyFast a lot, as rayon doesn't work for my 'construction' style of quilting. I love the Sue Spargo Eleganza for my hand work and the color changes in FabuLux are beautiful and work really well for what I do. And of course, I always use DecoBob in the bobbin.

Q: What is coming up for you this fall?
A: I teach often for the Markham Guild, and at Village Craft every Wednesday. Come and check out one of my classes!

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By Peggy Kwan  Using WonderFil's PolyFast

By Peggy Kwan
Using WonderFil's PolyFast

By Peggy Kwan  Using WonderFil's PolyFast

By Peggy Kwan
Using WonderFil's PolyFast