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Our Featured Teacher: Kerry Green

Calista Ngai

Pretty in Pink  By Kerry Green

Pretty in Pink By Kerry Green

Kerry Green

Kerry remembers being fascinated as a child watching her grandmother crochet and embroider. She was  10 years old when the church offered summer classes in embroidery, crochet and knitting. Her love of needle arts has continued to grow.

Quilting became her focus about 30 years ago, especially needle-turn appliqué and embellished wool appliqué. She confesses she still gets excited watching a project come to life as she adds embroidery stitches.

When teaching, Kerry urges students to choose a fiber and color that will enhance, rather than match, their appliqué.  She finds it very rewarding to watch a student’s excitement build as they learn a variety of embroidery stitches and dare to use new colors and fibers.

Kerry lives surrounded by mountains near Salt Lake City, Utah with her husband of 49 years and their 2 dogs.  Rarely does a day pass by when she doesn't spend time with needle in hand.


Q: Have you been hand stitching for a long time?  What drew you to this art form?

A:  I learned to embroider when I was about 12 years old. I used to watch my grandmother stitch, crochet and knit, and I remember being fascinated. I started to take sewing lessons when I was 12, so I have been basically been sewing my whole life. I love to create, and that feeling of accomplishment I get. I have been focused on wool appliqué for about 10 years now. I just love the way the appliqué pieces change when you add embellishing stitches... it really brings each piece to life.

Q: Do you find that classes in hand stitching are growing in popularity?

A:  I do find that more and more people are drawn to this art form. They are drawn to the beauty of it, and love how easy it is. I have students tell me " I just can't leave appliqué plain anymore. I have to add stitches!".

Q: Do you have one stitch that many get excited about?

A: I find that most people are excited to learn the bullion knot and the drizzle stitch. I also like to teach them to combine several stitches to create something new.

Q: What is your favorite WonderFil thread?

A:  My favorite thread is Dazzle. I love the hint of sparkle; it is eye catching without being overwhelming.

Q: Tell me about your 2019 events?

A:  I am mostly teaching locally. I will be releasing a new block of the month pattern. My last Block of the Month was called 'Solstice' ( which used a lot of Dazzle) . My new Block of the Month will be 'Nocturne'. I have a stitch along group on Facebook that has a lot of loyal followers.

Marsh  By Kerry Green

Marsh By Kerry Green

Sneaky Spider  By Kerry Green

Sneaky Spider By Kerry Green