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Fresh & Original Valentine's Day Colour Palettes!

Calista Ngai

Valentine’s Day is coming up and store shelves are beginning to show those unmistakable colours of red, pink and white that we all recognize to represent this annual day of love. As lovely as this colour palette is, sometimes we want to step into something a little different, a little newer. We’ve come up with ten fresh and sexy new colour palettes for Valentine’s Day and paired each colour with the one it correlates to in our Splendor thread line, making it easy for you to pick and choose the perfect palette for your Valentine’s project! Just look at the number in the bottom right corner to find the matching thread colour.


Cotton Candy

Adding a touch of blue into an otherwise warm colour palette adds contrast and interest and keeps it from looking all “the same”. Consider adding a cool colour to a warm palette to add a breath of fresh air and give the other colours something to jive against.


Not all Valentine’s palettes need to be based on warm colours. This collection of purples and blues is contrasted by a small amount of pink to balance it out and keep it from feeling too heavy, while the dark colours play a mysterious and sensual part.

Sweet Dreams


Naughty & Nice

Placing a vibrant, bright colour next to a neutral colour like this bright pink and dark grey allows the brighter colour to shine without over-powering the whole palette. Keeping the other three colours in the palette as softer hues ensures the colours don’t compete with each other for attention.


A group of bold and bright colours work well for kid-themed projects, or anywhere you want something punchy. Consider experimenting with a limited colour palette of 3-4 colours that are all bright and fairly saturated, making sure not to use too many as they will end up fighting with each other and distracting the eye unless balanced out with a more softer neutral colour.

First Love


Splendor is a 40wt rayon that is wonderfully soft and silky to the touch that gives projects a beautiful sheen and drapability. It can be used for machine embroidery, quilting, thread painting, serging, and any kind of decorative stitching, making it extremely versatile. We also love using Splendor to embroider clothes, towels, or other items that need to be frequently washed since it is also colourfast.

Hope you found some inspiration and we wish you a very happy Valentine's Day!

With Love and Threads,