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Our Teacher of the Month: Susan K Clevelandp

Calista Ngai

Susan has been in the WonderFil Teacher Program since 2010. She has designed a line of Spagetti colors exclusively for WonderFil

Susan has been in the WonderFil Teacher Program since 2010. She has designed a line of Spagetti colors exclusively for WonderFil

Susan K Cleveland

Susan is a quilt designer/author/teacher/inventor and admirer of all things quilterly! Her quilts are loosely based on traditional designs with a fair bit of unexpected surprises and details. They showcase precision piecing, thread embellishments and bold color. Piping is used in her quilts to accent curves and special binding techniques. She enjoys sharing her quilts and passing along her techniques to others.

Q: How did you start quilting?
A: I have been sewing since I was a child, mostly making garments and home decorations. When my kids were small I went into a fabric store and saw a panneled fabric that coordinated with a tablecloth I had, so I decided to make a wall hanging. I remember being upset that the panels didn't allow enough fabric for a 5/8" seam allowance!

Q: How many quilts do you estimate you have made?
A: My records show that I've made about 170 quilts. I can't believe it myself! I mostly make smaller quilts and wall hangings. I enjoy using a variety of techniques and like to incorporate several techniques in each quilt.

Q: You use such vibrant colors in your quilts;where do you find your inspiration ?
A: I have no idea! I attend a lot of quilt shows and get a lot of exposure to what others are doing. I like to use a lot of color in each quilt. I will usually lay it all out and see what I like. Then I have to step away for the night and revisit it the next day. Sometimes what I loved yesterday, I don't even like today.

Q: What materials do you work with?
A: I like to work with solids and prefer hand dyed fabrics that have very subtle texture.

Q: What are your favorite WonderFil threads?
A:  Spagetti!! When I first started quilting, I realized that I didn't enjoy free motion quilting. There are so many people that do such a beautiful job of it, but it just wasn't my thing.Then I was lucky enough to attend some classes by Maurine Noble and Libby Lehman.They really influenced me. They taught me how to quilt with the feed dogs up, which led me to enjoy working with heavier threads, and Spagetti is perfect for that. I also love InvisaFil , as I  like to stitch in the ditch, and machine appliqué and the InvisaFil disappears beautifully. I love to pass my passion on to my students, and quilters are so appreciative, that teaching is a joy!

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