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Our Teacher of the Month: Dominique Ehrmann!

Calista Ngai

Lady Gabie

Lady Gabie

Dominique specializes in 3D quilting and Thread Painting

Dominique specializes in 3D quilting and Thread Painting

Dominique Ehrmann

Dominique lives in Ste Sophie Québec in a house she and her husband built surrounded by a pine fôrest. "I was a Chocolateand special event cake makerfor more than 25 years, creating customizedcenter pieces. I discovered quilting and wall hangings in 2005; it was a life changing experience. Since then, I have taught myself to quilt, to draw and to create 3D quilts because it is the way I imagine them. I put my chocolate career behindand started teaching in 2007, at Courtepointe Claire in Laval. I am still teaching mostly there but now I travel to teach and give lectures in Québec, Ontario, and US. My quilts are different and when I enter a contest, I never know if I will win a ribbon or be rejected. Since 2008 I have entered contests and won awards every year. I am known to 'rock the boat' in the quilting world because the show organizers do not quite know where to categorize my work."


Q: What was your first 3D quilt?
A: My first quilt was called Lady Gabie (image above). It was named after, and made for my oldest daughter, who was turning 25 and just graduating from design school. I wanted a gift that would impress her! I was also thinking of the day when she would have children of her own, and wanted them to be able to see the quilt from their level. I first built it  in scale out of cardboard, then got to work with my quilt.

Q: Where do you find your inspiration for your quilts?
A: My projects always start with a story. I tend to think in 'cartoons', and I always need the story first. I believe my work with chocolate may have also affected my approach, as  I specialized in 3D centerpieces. My father was an architect and I inherited the desire to 'build' ( I used to take my toys apart to see how they were made). My husband and I built our house when we were 22, just the two of us. It took us three years.

Q: What materials do you work with?
A: I work with traditional quilting materials and my 3D quilts are all sewn...I never use glue. I want them to still be soft like a quilt. I do sometimes use foam for structure.

Q: What are your favorite WonderFil threads?
A:  I always say that if I were on a deserted island, the one thread I would have with me is InvisaFil ( 100 weight polyester). I use it in the top and bobbin for piecing, in the top for quilting, and I can double it or triple it up in the top, with different colors to create different effects. I use it for hand stitching my binding on, and for hand and machine applique.

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