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Chevron Embroidered: Pillbox Pincushion

Calista Ngai

This month we want to share with you a project that would not only be fun, simple and easy to make, but also useful. For this project we decided to use the WonderFil’s Razzle and Dazzle threads.

The Razzle and Dazzle threads are perfect for hand embroidery, the silky soft 6 ply rayon thread adds a beautiful shine and sparkle to any project. Simple stitching and the usefulness of the pillbox make it the perfect project to try your hand at embroidering. This is a great project that can simply be modified and customize. Have fun with the pattern and design, these pillbox pincushions make the perfect little gift.

With a few simple seams and a little stuffing, you will be moving your pins into their new home before you know it.


  • Wonderfil Dazzle - 6180, 3130
  • Wonderfil Razzle – RZM03, RZM15
  • Wonderfil Designer -  White - DS426
  • Linen Fabric, 1/4 yd.
  • Fusible Fleece, 1/4 yd
  • Fiberfill stuffing
  • Button


  • Rotary Cutter
  • Ruler with 60 degree angle markings
  • Fabric Marking tool
  • Soft Sculpting doll needle

Basic Supplies

  • scissors
  • sewing machine
  •  pins
  •  hand sewing needle,
  • iron
  •  pressing surface



1. Fuse fleece to linen with hot iron. Cut: One - 14 ¼” x 3”, two -  4-3/4″ circles.

2. Using a ruler and the fabric marking tool draw a line along the length side panel at 1 ½”. Add the Chevron design by using 60 degree markings on the ruler. Spacing chevrons ½” apart draw a set of 2 (space them an inch apart), then add a set of 3 chevrons. Repeat pattern with 1 inch between each set.   

3. With the Razzle and Dazzle threads use a stem stitch trace along the marked chevrons in the sets of 3 alternating thread colors. Using a satin stitch sew between the sets of 2. In the same manner repeat this pattern on the remaining markings.

4. With the right sides together, sew the ends of the embroidered strip together to create the ring.

5. Fold the ring in half evenly and place pins on either side. Fold the matching pin mark ends with pins. Find the quarter marks on the circles by folding the circle in half, then proceeded to mark them in the same manner. Repeat to find the other set.

6. Match the quarter marks of the circle and the tumbler ring with right sides together. Proceed to pin it in place and machine-sew using 1/4″ seam allowance. Attach the bottom circle in the same manner, leaving 2″ opening to turn.

7. Turn the right side out. Fill the cushion with fiberfill until firm.

8. Slipstitch the opening and close using Wonderfil designer thread.

9. Position the button on the center of the circle. Sew through the center of the cushion using doll needle. Add the bottom button on opposite sides. Sew back and forth while pulling to make the buttons push into the cushion; secure.

by: Jennifer Davey from Be Still My Crafting Heart

With love and threads,



Our Favourite Colours Inspired by Winter

Calista Ngai

It’s nearly that magical time of year again! Frosty landscapes coated in powdery white, evergreens laden with sparkling icicles, and cozy homes shining with twinkling lights in the dark of night. For those who love winter (and for those who prefer to spend it hibernating under a warm quilt) we have a few favourite thread palettes perfect for finishing those holiday projects.

Snowflakes embroidered with Spotlite

One of our absolutely favourite threads to use during this season is Spotlite™, a 40wt rayon core metallic thread. Metallics are beautiful and reflect the shining theme of the holidays, making it a magnificent choice for winter-themed projects. While we offer Spotlite™ in 40 different colours, a simple way to achieve a gorgeous project is to choose a neutral palette of gold and silver threads and a brightly coloured fabric to embroider over. This allows for a pop of colour in your project without worrying about matching colours.

However if you like your threads to carry the colour in your project, we also offer colour coordinated tubes of Spotlite™ in 9 different colour themed sets, including a Christmas themed set. Spotlite is a gorgeous thread that can be used for embroidery, decorative quilting, built-in decorative stitches, thread painting, and 3D embellishment effects.

Speaking of themed sets, our 40wt rayon thread, Splendor, is available in packages with colours revolving around special themes. Included are Blue, Landscape, Christmas, Classic Christmas, and Country Christmas. These not only make great sets to easily get started on a project, but also make thoughtful gifts for the sewers and quilters in your life! Splendor is a versatile thread that can be used for machine embroidery, quilting built-in decorative stitches, machine quilting, rough edge appliqué, and even serging.

Warm browns and whites make a good contrasting combination for cute holiday creatures. Since they are already neutral tones, you can add little splashes of bright colours to liven it up without worrying whether or not the colours match!

With Love and Threads,



Spooky Thread Palettes

Maura Kang

October 25, 2015


Quilt pattern "Happy Hauntings" by Verna Mosquera.

Quilt pattern "Happy Hauntings" by Verna Mosquera.

Happy October and thanks for checking in! This week we would like to share with you this incredible quilt using the Happy Hauntings pattern by Verna Mosquera, which is an incredibly fun and modern quilt featuring an assortment of playful halloween characters. This pattern can be purchased from Verna’s website here.

We’ve created this quilt using an assortment of WonderFil threads including InvisaFil, Konfetti, and Tutti, however with our upcoming new thread line FabuLux hitting store shelves this fall, we have some new suggestions on how to pair our latest threads for the spookiest impact! Check it out below.

FabuLux: Majestic Sunrise

Our newest thread line FabuLux comes in both solid and variegated colours. Similar to our Master Quilter line, FabuLux is a 40wt 3-ply trilobal polyester with an incredible shine that helps it stand out against the fabric. Here we used a solid colour, but outlining this devilish fella in a shiny variegated thread like FabuLux will make him pop even better, as well as add more interest due to the colour-changing thread. The spool of FabuLux featured in this photo is called Majestic Sunrise and comes in warm golden yellows and the rich orange reds found in autumn.

FabuLux: Boo!

Another playful FabuLux colour that will be available soon is Boo! A halloween-esque palette showing off purple, black and orange hues that can be tied into nearly any spooky themed project.

A popular choice when you don’t want your stitching to show is the aptly named InvisaFil - a 100wt polyester thread that is perfect for adding subtle texture to your fabric. Choosing a colour that stands out against the background will allow the stitching to show a small amount of colour, while choosing one that matches the fabric makes it nearly invisible. This orange and grey is perfect to machine appliqué your pieces down. We recommend using a button hole stitch or a small zig zag.

Tutti: TU39

Tutti: TU24, Konfetti: KT601, KT402

Tutti is a 50wt 3-ply double gassed and mercerized cotton thread that we adore using in quilts. Available in 41 variegated colours, it makes a perfect accompaniment to button hole stitches that give this thread enough heft and texture to make a bold statement. Adding tones of subtle blue and green to the dominantly grey palette will help make this tombstone stand out.

Konfetti is just like our Tutti thread, but comes in 60 solid colours rather than variegated. Mixing and matching Konfetti and Tutti make a playful combination.

Spotlite: MT881 , Konfetti: KT906

Lastly, don’t be afraid to add a touch of Spotlite to your quilts. This metallic thread resists breakage and fraying unlike other metallics that are difficult to work with, and will add a lovely shine to your stitching. Here we used Konfetti to stitch these cobwebs, however trading it in for Spotlite would allow them to add a spooky shimmer to the border all around the quilt. Stay tuned as we may have a short video on using metallic threads!

Our spooky thread palette as shown: 

  • FabuLux: Majestic Sunrise, Boo!
  • Konfetti: KT906, KT601, KT402
  • Tutti: TU39, TU24
  • InvisaFil: IF122, IF711
  • Spotlite: MT881


With Love and Threads,